Should You Purchase a Copier, Scanner or Printer?

When you are ready to buy a new copier or scanner, you will realize there are more options to choose from than ever before. This might be a first-time purchase for your home or office, or you may be replacing your current copier. You can lease or purchase your equipment, and there are advantages to each option. Whatever you decide, it is important to work with a reputable dealer that can also maintain your equipment and make needed repairs.


Copy machines have been part of most offices for over 40 years. When they were the newest technology, the prices were higher than now. It was a real investment to purchase the office copier, and only a few homes could afford such a luxury — but what a welcome investment it was. No more mimeograph machines or carbon paper in your typewriter. The ability to copy a document with the click of a button seemed somewhat miraculous!

With time and further advancements, the cost of copiers has come down and the functions have improved. Color copies are now expected and the ability to collate and staple at high a speed is a common feature.


Scanners have a different purpose than copiers. Rather than making paper duplicates, a document is scanned and uploaded to a computer or memory card. From there, the document can be emailed or shared through other electronic means. Scanning a document usually takes longer than making a paper copy, but the quality is generally higher. Documents can also be edited, which works well for photographs and faded images.

As many offices have become paperless, scanner sales and services Jackson MI have increased. They can be compact and scan a single piece of paper. Some offices need to capture large documents, such as blueprints. Those businesses would invest in a much larger scanner than you would need at home.

Multi-Function Printer

Another option is a combination of a copier and a scanner. Multi-function printers bring together the features of both machines. These printers can make paper copies and can also scan documents to your computer. The cost may be higher, but one office machine can take the place of two. Many home offices use a multi-function printer since the prices are now more affordable than ever before.

Whichever office equipment you select, you will appreciate the ability to copy or scan documents within moments. You won’t have to wait and drive to the copy center. The convenience of having that freedom is worth the small investment.