4 Ways To Make Yard Work Easier

Many people dream of having a beautiful yard to relax, play or entertain in. When spring arrives, plans are made and the work begins. However, no matter how good the intentions are, life has a way of interfering with maintenance schedules, especially when the beautiful weather tempts people away to the beach or off to a campground for the weekend. However, there are plenty of ways to keep a yard looking great without spending a lot of time on maintenance.

1. Install an Irrigation System

Remembering to water to lawn and garden beds on a regular basis during dry spells can be difficult, especially if the people in the house are juggling work, school and social obligations. Installing an irrigation system can be a great way to ensure the grass, flowers, fruits and vegetables are all getting enough water. Once installed, the system can be maintained by a company that specializes in irrigation repair Kent.

2. Create a Mowing Strip

Mowing the lawn can be an enjoyable, meditative experience for some and a dreaded chore for others. Even those who enjoy mowing the lawn can benefit from the installation of mowing strips to make the job easier. Using a garden border is a good way to keep grass and other plants separate, but it often results in the homeowner needing to use a trimmer around the edges. Adding a mowing strip next to borders lets the lawnmower effectively reach all the grass and eliminate the need for extra work.

3. Don’t Bag Clippings

One of the parts of mowing the lawn that people do not care for is emptying the bag into a yard waste container. The bag can be heavy and difficult to handle, especially if the grass is wet. Thankfully, it is not always necessary to use the bag every time the lawn is mowed. As long as the grass clippings are small, they can be left on the lawn to create a healthy layer of mulch that will feed the lawn and assist in moisture retention.

4. Creatively Cover Bare Spots

Bald spots in a lawn can be caused by many different causes, including the quality of the soil, water and vermin. If unable to determine or fix the cause, then add some decorative rocks, planters or furniture to spruce up the location. The same can be done in parts of the yard that look empty or uninteresting.

Having an attractive yard will usually require at least some effort, but by finding creative ways to reduce the level or duration of work needed, more time can be spent enjoying the space and less time spent maintaining it.