Portable Air Conditioners – Care Tips for Maintaining an Efficient Cooling System

You break it, you buy it
For those of you who buy a new device, you are usually wondering how it should look and function like when you bought it. Who can accuse you of wanting the best for your money? There’s nothing worse than spending your hard-earned salary on a damaged device because you weren’t told how to properly care for it. However, when you buy a portable air conditioner, you don’t have to worry about how much time you spend reading long, long service manuals. Since no permanent installation is required, portable air conditioners require minimal adjustment and maintenance. The following information describes the basics of maintaining your portable air conditioner.
Daily maintenance
When portable air conditioners cool the air, they also dry it out. Although most of the moisture extracted from the air is used to improve cooling quality, some excess water collects in the container, which must be emptied regularly depending on the humidity. Some models of portable air conditioners have a drain hose or pump function which can be used to remove excess water from the system if necessary. However, if you don’t choose a portable air conditioner with a drainage pump, it is advisable to choose a unit with self-evaporation technology as this will help remove most of the excess water. Therefore, the tank should not be emptied too often.
Maintenance for two weeks
It is very important to have a clean air filter on your portable air conditioner. Because air filters work continuously to purify the air and trap dust and other debris, they should be cleaned and washed at least every two weeks. To clean the washable air filter, simply remove it from the air conditioner, put it in warm water, and clean it with a mild detergent. The air filter must then be rinsed and allowed to dry. You should let the filter dry completely before putting it back in the portable air conditioner. Also, to increase the durability of the device, periodically wipe the exterior and clean the area where the device is located. Try to protect the device from direct sunlight to avoid discoloration on the outside of the device and to maintain maximum cooling performance.
Storage suggestions
Once your portable air conditioner has saved you from the torturous summer months, store it properly to make sure it’s ready for the upcoming summer. Before saving, you need to do the following:
  • Remove the power plug and remove the plug from the socket
  • Drain all water from the device
  • Turn on the portable air conditioner in fan mode and let the interior dry completely
  • Clean the air filter (as mentioned above).
  • Secure the cables and hoses securely
  • Store in clean and dry place
  • If your portable air conditioner also operates as a heater, all you need to do is use the cleaning tips above to save the life of your portable air conditioner.
Remember to treat your portable air conditioner the way you want it to be treated. Keep your portable air conditioner dry and clean and it will cool and refresh you.