Don’t Run Afoul of the IRS

It’s can be a somewhat scary fact that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is very powerful. If they believe that you have not paid enough federal tax, or that you falsified your tax returns, they can come after you with vigor to claim what they think you owe. Moreover, in our country, it is the taxpayer’s responsibility to pay the correct amount of tax. Given the byzantine nature of the tax code, proper tax filing can be daunting for many. It may be beneficial to seek professional tax preparation services Desoto TX.

How the IRS can Recover Taxes You Owe

As a government entity, the IRS has numerous methods at their disposal to collect or compensate for any back taxes that they believe you still owe.

  • IRS Levies: A levy occurs when the IRS becomes legally able to physically take your property in order to satisfy tax owed
  • IRS Leins: A federal tax lien is a claim against your property initiated if you fail to pay the proper tax amount
  • IRS Seizures: A seizure refers to the actual taking of possession of your property as permitted by an active tax levy
  • IRS Wage Garnishment: Garnishment is the legal seizing by the government of a portion or all of any income you make to satisfy your tax debt

Your Best Antidote to Keep the IRS at Bay

Your best bet to avoid these unpleasant types of interaction with the IRS is to always prepare your tax returns on time, honestly, and accurately. Because of the complexity of tax law as well as the fact that every taxpayers situation is different, it is often best to work with a competent professional. You’ll want to look for a tax preparation agency that has been in business for many years and combines tax preparation excellence with a personal touch.