The Different Types of Land Surveyors

Land surveyors are specialists that accurately measure, estimate and divide various types of territory. They use geography, mathematics and topography, as well as advanced tools and equipment, to cover territories and establish borders. Land surveying services many industries, and as a result, surveyors can specialize their practices to fit the needs of each area of work. The following surveying specialties are the most popular in the field.

Construction Surveyors

Perhaps the most common land surveyor hernando county fl is a construction surveyor. This specialist measures and identifies the specific location of buildings, building features and roads within or near a property. The work of this individual informs and facilitates construction projects or additions to these existing structures. Sometimes, construction surveying also requires other procedures, such as topographical work, and both vertical and horizontal grading.

Boundary Surveyors

A boundary surveyor uses locators and other advanced equipment to find and determine exact property boundaries. Unlike construction surveying, this professional does not need to perform topographical measurements to achieve their main goal. Boundary surveying is mostly used for the planning of construction or real estate projects within untouched lands. However, this type of surveying is also used to enforce local and state property laws, as well as settle land disputes.

Hydrographic Surveyors

One very specific type of land measurement and analysis is hydrographic surveying. Someone in this specialty surveys bodies of water such as lakes, harbors, rivers and more to determine the boundaries, most often known as shorelines. Topography is sometimes applied to determine water depth, floor formations and other water body features. Hydrographic surveying is used to determine marine construction, oil drilling and sea travel. It should not be confused with marine surveying.

Land surveyors apply their work and their methods to a large variety of industries and purposes. Boundary, construction and hydrographic surveying is just a small sample of the numerous specialties in this valuable career.