Three Facts About Bail Bonds

The legal system is not something everyone knows about. However, it’s a good idea to be familiar with this system, so you know what to do if a friend or family member finds themselves in jail. Here are three facts about bail bonds.

What Is Bail?

Bail is a fee set by the court that allows a person to be released from jail while awaiting future court hearings. The fee is a promise that the person plans to return to court for their hearing. The judge determines the bail price by considering many factors, including current charges, age and criminal history. If you don’t have access to the total cash amount of bail, a bail bonds Allentown PA company may offer a solution. These services provide bonds to secure the promise of returning to court by allowing you to pay a percentage of the bail and provide additional collateral to secure the remaining balance of the bond. Some examples of collateral include jewelry, automobiles, homes and stocks.

Can Bail Be Reduced?

Sometimes a defendant can ask the judge to reduce their bond by participating in additional court-sponsored programs. These include electronic monitoring, house arrest, drug testing and curfews. There is never a guarantee someone qualifies for these options, but it’s good to know these are available.

What Happens if a Defendant Skips Court?

The defendant must appear in court. If they skip their court appearance, the judge can issue an arrest warrant. Unfortunately for the defendant, this means that bounty hunters can look for them and return them to court or jail. Any money paid for bail and collateral collected are forfeited if this happens, so make sure you understand what you are offering up if you pay someone’s bail.

If you ever find that you need to bail someone out of jail, become familiar with the options available. Cash bail, bail bonds or extra court programs may be available to help the defendant get out of jail while awaiting upcoming court proceedings.