Top 4 Tips for Organizing Paper Clutter in Your Home

Paper clutter always starts with one innocent piece of schoolwork on a counter. Then before you know it, that same counter has exploded with a vast array of junk mail, bills, receipts, cards, invitations and school papers. Tame the paper with these tips so you don’t have to dig yourself out of the paper tidal wave.

1. Purge

Gather all of the pieces of paper around your house for Paper and Financial Organization Clinton IL. Look in every junk drawer, bedside table, wallet and filing cabinet to find every stray piece. Quickly make three piles that include scan, save or recycle. The save pile is for sentimental items like cards or photos that you aren’t ready to let go of. The scan pile is for important documents that it would be good to have an electronic copy of as a backup. Everything else you have collected can go in recycling.

2. Go Paperless

Most bills, bank statements and credit card statements have the option for paperless billing. This eliminates some of the paper coming in so you can avoid pileups in the future. Start paying your bills online as well so you don’t have paper checks hanging around.

3. Shred

A shredder protects your privacy when you have old tax documents or bank statements that aren’t needed anymore. Anything with your personal information on it should be shredded before being thrown away. Having a shredder eliminates this pile of papers that have been sitting around with nowhere to go because you didn’t want your information out there.

4. Use a calendar

A large wall calendar can help eliminate the paper that comes with invitations, flyers and school activities. If you write it down on the calendar, you can throw away the papers immediately.

Paper clutter can be a monster to deal with. Start small with one of these tips and work your way through them to get a handle on the amount of clutter you have around your house.