Redecorating with Thrift Store Finds

When decorating a new space, it might be tempting to lean towards all new items. However, sometimes a cool space can be achieved by leaning in the other direction and taking inspiration from vintage shops. Thrift stores can be treasure troves for interior design when done well. Here are some of the benefits to decorating with thrift store or secondhand items, from clothing to furniture like pre owned desks and wardrobes.


Items from thrift stores are often quirky and unique — sometimes even one-of-a-kind. While mainstream stores offer plenty of stable and slick items, thrift store decor can be used to really express a personality. When looking for fun furniture, be sure to know the dimensions of the space it will fill. This will prevent unnecessary trips back and forth to measure a place in the home or apartment, time during which the item itself could be purchased. When it comes to wooden items, try and check by lifting or by noise to see if the item is solid wood. This indicates better quality.

Cost Efficiency

One of the biggest perks of thrift shopping is, of course, the cost effective nature of the activity. Thrift stores and vintage shops always offer better deals than mainstream stores or even online shopping. Similarly, many of these establishments are designed as non-profit business and either help employees or contribute portions of funds to charitable causes. By doing a little research, it’s quite easy to find specific shops with specific missions. These sorts of endeavors help make shoppers feel even better about purchases, all while getting a great deal. Similarly, thrift shops and vintage markets encourage donations and a “recycling” culture. This is also quite eco-friendly.

Hidden Gems

Lastly, it’s typically impossible to know what might be waiting at a secondhand store. By going in with a mission, doing a little digging, and staying very focused, it’s possible to find some amazing pieces. Designer clothing or craftsman-level furniture can be taken home at prices that would be considered a steal.