Sell your gold like a pro

You might already have read about how easy and fast it is to sell your old and unwanted gold. There are gold buyers everywhere advertising their services in different ways. Finding someone to buy your gold might be easy, there is no shortage of people who will buy it, but how do you make sure that you get the best price for your precious gold jewellery or coins. Here are some tips that will help you get the most cash for your gold when you decide to sell:

1). Timing

Free market economics dictate that there more time and resources are put on a particular product then the more it will cost. A lot goes into producing gold that makes it valuable. However, gold is a precious metal that is used in a lot of industries, sometimes it seems to be more in demand in certain industries than in other. The buying patterns of gold jewellery change during certain seasons like during the Indian wedding season. Like most commodities that get traded on stock markets, gold responds to how the economy is performing. Historically, gold has always fared better during tough economic times. This is why the metal is viewed as a secure investment during uncertain times. With that being said, it’s worth your while to watch the economy to gauge whether you should sell or hold on to your gold. Timing the markets can be tricky, but it helps to know which factors can push the price of gold up or down.

2). Get your gold appraised

If you have gold jewellery to sell find the hallmark that show the quality or Karat of the gold jewellery and then weigh your gold jewellery. Quality and weight are the two important things that are considered in an appraisal for gold jewellery. Keep in mind that gold buyers Brisbane will need to know this so they can use it to calculate the current value of your gold based on what the market price (spot price) of gold is.

3). Negotiate


You are selling something valuable to you, even if it is damaged the gold contained in the gold piece is valued the same as any other gold product so be prepared to negotiate if you believe that you are being offered a price that is far lower than what you should be getting. Take your gold to various gold buyers Brisbane to get a sense of what the average price of your gold should be. You might want to mention that you are shopping your gold to other buyers. The market is a very competitive one, so some buyers might be willing to improve on the best appraisal so you end up selling to them.

4). Look at the different parts that make up your gold piece

Gold buyers, for the most part are interest in the gold content and not so much on the design or the gemstones. They will appraise the gold and offer zero price for the diamonds, sapphires, etc. If you have jewellery pieces with high quality gemstones that you know to be valuable, sell that piece of jewellery to a jeweler who will be interested in the jewellery as a whole. You could also take the stones off and try to sell those separately. Cash-for-gold companies are only interested in the gold content.

If you have high-end jewellery with branded gems, it might be beneficial for you to keep the jewellery as it is. If the jewellery is in good condition some gold buyers Brisbane will factor in the design condition and gemstones on the jewellery. If you have gold items that you know have more value for their design and gemstones instead of just the amount of gold then it will be beneficial for you to look at more than just the usual gold dealers who