Hardware, Software and the Modern Day Internet

Technology is at the heart of modern society. This science, engineering and math that is needed to make most of this technology is astounding but at the same time an ordinary thing for people who understand how it works. The internet is common technology that has shaped modern society. It is made up of different hardware and software computer parts and equipment. Keep reading how these components help the internet to function.

Basic Computer Components Needed to Connect to the Internet

The computer has different components that allow a person to access the internet. These components include things such as a keyboard and mouse which are crucial for navigating the internet once a person has logged online. Network cards are also necessary. This built in computer component is needed to allow a person’s computer to communicate with other computers over a network or while on the internet.

All network cards have an Ethernet and/or wireless port. Steves Internet Guide also explains that modems and routers are needed to access the internet. A modem is needed to transfer data over telephone wires. This device also allows data to be transferred from computer to computer while on a web connection. Routers are needed to direct data or information over the internet. These devices allow computer users to receive specific information they are looking as they search World Wide Web.

The Software Aspects of the Internet

Software is also important for accessing information online. A web browser is a type of software that allows information (data) that has been sent to a computer, to be displayed on the monitor. Firewalls can be a software orientated form of protection. It can also be a piece of hardware. It serves the purpose of stopping unwanted or unauthorized communication on the internet or over a network. The operating system on a computer is also another important piece of software. Its purpose is to make it easier to work a computer. It allows a person to connect to the internet without having to type in a huge amount of codes to get in online. TCP/IP protocol is also software that set standards for online communication. This is another form of software on a computer. The Owlgen website provides more detail about software components needed for the internet.

Software and Hardware Needed for the Networks

Computer users can create a network for their computers. Home networks are generally called intranet. The intranet is a private network contained inside of a structure or one location. Many residential homes set up an intranet by connecting all of their computers together through a router to access the internet. Sometimes an extranet is created as well. An extranet is designed to allow outside users to partially access an intranet connection. Extranets are allowed through an intranet software connection giving an outside party partial access to a network. Intranet and extranet protocols need both software and hardware to function.

Ultimately, accessing the internet cannot be accomplished without the use of certain computer components, parts and programs. All of these different pieces of technology gives users the ability to connect online and to communicate through a network. They certainly help to make the internet a practical piece of technology in modern times.